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Business Resources for Mompreneurs

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Our community is presently a mix of different skill sets. Our moms come from Canada and South Africa.

We have moms who have created a business, moms who want to support moms, and moms who want to earn passive income and do not know where to start.

For moms who are looking for some ideas on how to sell digital uploads, we have Buli, a business coach who has created a free guide for moms to explore their interests in this area. You can access her freebie here. Buli also helps moms use their skills as a way to create an e-course that they can then sell it online. Not sure how to do this, don’t worry because Buli has a free toolkit for you to get started.

I feel once we become moms, we tend to have a shift in our priorities, and we sometimes look at our job through different lenses. Lisa, our career clarity coach, has created a free values workbook. Why values? Well, values are our foundation, and according to Lisa, “values is the key which allows us to feel aligned at work and home. You can download her free workbook here. Lisa also helps moms who want to optimize their Linkedin profiles by providing an inexpensive download. If, however you feel you need more guidance, you can book a clarity session with Lisa. She is always eager to help you get where you need to be.

I hope these resources are a start to helping your business.

Remember, we love to feature moms who use our resources, and our mom coaches would appreciate the support. So don’t forget to use the hashtag on IG #momspayingmoms.

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