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Mommy and me Starbucks Cups

Matching tumblers and sipper cups are fun gifts that will keep little ones happy all day long. The matching set includes a tumbler and a sipper cup in three different colours. Create a fun theme around your matching tumbler & cup set.You can make these matching tumblers and cups into… Read More »Matching Tumblers And Sippy Cups

After giving birth, many women experience physical changes that affect their moods and behaviours. Postpartum depression affects 1 in 10 mothers after childbirth. It’s important for new moms to talk to someone about how they’re feeling so they can receive proper treatment. The Benefits of Postpartum Coaching.Postpartum coaching provides new… Read More »Postpartum Coaching for New Moms

By Jess I’m failing as a mom. I’m helpless. I’m incapable. I’m weak. I’m a mess. Am I ever going to be a good mom? Am I ever going to be as good of a mom as (insert every other mom I knew)? I had assumed every mom struggles with… Read More »My Birth Trauma and My Motherhood Narrative

In 2017 I gave birth prematurely at 28 weeks gestation due to placenta abruption. In my case I know what caused the abruption, I had been in a car accident a few weeks prior, however, in most cases the cause is unknown. I was immediately thrust into a world that… Read More »My Roller Coaster Ride as a Premie Mom

Well, it’s that time again, Back to School! At this point, parents are stumbling about trying to get everything in order for the last stretch of the school year for 2022. And if there is one thing that we know here at MPMs is that Mothers are more overwhelmed during… Read More »Back-to-School Mom Planner

Women today juggle not only a full-time job, a household, but also their children. Now we all know from our personal experience that children are not easy to care for because they require more than just food, clothes and kisses. They may have more demanding needs that can take an… Read More »Mom Burn Out Resources

Social media is a LOT of work. Trust me, I would know! Starting or even managing a new business alone is already very demanding, and adding social media to the mix can be overwhelming. The great thing about MPM is that we also have moms who provide resources to help… Read More »Social Media Resources for Mompreneurs

Our community is presently a mix of different skill sets. Our moms come from Canada and South Africa. We have moms who have created a business, moms who want to support moms, and moms who want to earn passive income and do not know where to start. For moms who… Read More »Business Resources for Mompreneurs