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Tips for Selling Digitals

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Moms have a lot of financial strain. So before spending one penny, they will overthink their expense to see if it is worth the splurge.

When you create digital uploads it is important to remember who you are targeting:

  1. is it the mom or the child;
  2. What are you offering that can empower;
  3. Can you provide a free digital product to showcase your work and worth.

Digital uploads sell more when they are priced fairly and when mom’s get free content. 

Ask yourself this question, `”Would I buy this item at this price?”

You can also play around with pricing. If you see after weeks, you are not getting many buyers, offer a discount and see if that makes a difference.

That is an easy way to decide what your client’s price sweet spot is all about.

Anytime you provide a freebie or even a digital download, you should include a thank you for download page.

A few key things om what your page should include:

  1. Store Email for support or questions.
  2. Store Name, so they can Follow and be informed of your new products.
  3. Social Media Handles
  4. Include a copyyright at the bottom of each page:( Name, year)
  5. Also include that the buyer has no right to reproduce your content as theirs.

An Example of a Thank You for download