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Well, it’s that time again, Back to School! At this point, parents are stumbling about trying to get everything in order for the last stretch of the school year for 2022. And if there is one thing that we know here at MPMs is that Mothers are more overwhelmed during… Read More »Back-to-School Mom Planner

Women today juggle not only a full-time job, a household, but also their children. Now we all know from our personal experience that children are not easy to care for because they require more than just food, clothes and kisses. They may have more demanding needs that can take an… Read More »Mom Burn Out Resources

Social media is a LOT of work. Trust me, I would know! Starting or even managing a new business alone is already very demanding, and adding social media to the mix can be overwhelming. The great thing about MPM is that we also have moms who provide resources to help… Read More »Social Media Resources for Mompreneurs

Our community is presently a mix of different skill sets. Our moms come from Canada and South Africa. We have moms who have created a business, moms who want to support moms, and moms who want to earn passive income and do not know where to start. For moms who… Read More »Business Resources for Mompreneurs

Name: Rushka Lee Pedro Your Country/ City: Cape Town, South Africa  Your MPM Store name and link: Mothers Impact IG social handle: @mothers-impact Business Name: Minor Impact Pty Ltd Business Bio Mothers of Impact is about helping parents discover self-appreciation for the work they do inside and outside of parenting.… Read More »Say Hello, to Rushka Lee Pedro

by: Sascha (South Africa) I recently found the courage to start my Virtual Assistant business. I designed a logo, my daughter and I brainstormed my business name and tagline, and I opened my social media pages and started designing and posting content for them. This happened after almost a year… Read More »I AM NOT A FRAUD!

I do not enjoy making lunches. For one, my son is complicated. He will not eat bought lunches at school and in his defence he tries, but he still struggles with food aversions. Now that he has begun school, I need to actually have a plan as to what I… Read More »Kids Yummy School Lunch Planner for Moms

What does teaching children consent mean to a five-year-old vs a 16-year-old? Well, it should always be the same: a choice to say Yes or No which then has to be respected and followed through. Teaching children consent means they are giving you permission to touch them. This means if… Read More »How to Teach Your Child Well About Consent