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Mom Burn Out Resources

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Women today juggle not only a full-time job, a household, but also their children. Now we all know from our personal experience that children are not easy to care for because they require more than just food, clothes and kisses. They may have more demanding needs that can take an enormous toll on a mom who must bridge that gap and stay afloat at work. Women who find themselves in countries with no collective community tend to have higher rates of burnout. After all, the saying it takes a village to raise a child has deep seeded truth.

I know it can be a challenge to get extra help because not everyone has that community they need. It is not like you can leave your country and move to another that offers better support. Nope, instead, you can rely on MPM. We are your virtual village with several moms who want to help moms feel supported. So, they do not end up burned out and fatigued. Sarah at Surthrive Society has created a freebie check-in worksheet to help moms who want help to regulate their emotions because as we all know, we never take moment to breathe until we just explode and yell.

If you are a mom, who is feeling fatigued, overwhelmed, and irritable, here are some moms whom you can reach out for some guidance.

For moms in the postpartum stage, you have Jaquie. For moms who are past the post-stage you can meet Sarah from The Whole-Hearted Mom, and there is also Sarah from Surthrive Society

Remember you are not a weak mother if you need help, nor should you feel shame. I want you to feel empowered and loved here because I am more than convinced that 1 in 2 mothers have experienced some form of burnout.

So please know you are not alone,

Hugs, MariannA

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