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My Roller Coaster Ride as a Premie Mom

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In 2017 I gave birth prematurely at 28 weeks gestation due to placenta abruption. In my case I know what caused the abruption, I had been in a car accident a few weeks prior, however, in most cases the cause is unknown.

I was immediately thrust into a world that was so unknown to me.  Seeing my baby for the first time was the scariest thing ever. He was literally skin and bones (because fat is 1 of the last things to develop in utero).

Every day saw different challenges. Some days were good, others were bad. We had a lot of issues whilst in the NICU (which is to be expected being that he was born so early)

After a rollercoaster ride and 54 days in the hospital, I was finally able to bring my baby home.

1 of the things I found with having such a small baby was that I could not find any clothes that fit properly. And so the desire to start my own online store started.  

However, I found that once I left the “safety net” of the hospital I still required support. And so I went in search of an online support group, specifically South African based, and there were none.

And this is how I formed Preemie Connect. We are a parent-led organization that provides support, and education and raises awareness for families affected by prematurity.

It has been amazing the impact that we have been able to make in the premature community, both locally and internationally, with our organization and are so proud to be Parent Representatives for GLANCE (Global Alliance for Newborn Care)

However, the desire to provide parents with perfect-sized fit clothing for their preemies never left.

And so in 2022, after quitting my full-time job, I decided to finally take the plunge and started Preemie Baby World.

Right now we only have a small selection of preemie-sized outfits ranging from 1.5kg –  2.5kg.

But with time we plan to expand our range, colours and sizes.

The greatest thing about joining Moms Paying Moms is the sense of community. I love the fact that we are empowering mommies because let’s face it, society tends to look down on us and not take us seriously. Not realizing that moms are the hardest working, most dedicated, most capable and can get more things done in x amount of hours than anyone else. 

Tasmin Bota is a mom of 3 boys. Her middle son was born extremely premature at 28 weeks. She is a Stay at home mom as well as the Founder and Executive Director of NGO Preemie Connect (@preemieconnect). She is also the founder and CEO of Preemie Baby World (@preemiebabyworld). You can find her store Premie Baby World on MPM here. She currently ships within South Africa.

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