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Hi there Mom Friend, My name is MariannA.

I am honoured you have decided to stop by and explore Moms Paying Moms, where we empower motherhood by supporting mom-run E-businesses that create services to benefit moms and children. When you choose to make a purchase here, your money encourages a mother’s business and family-life, and it helps redefine all of our motherhood experiences by helping our community become self-sufficient. We, Millenial Moms, face particular challenges in motherhood: childrearing is still an invisible load to society, and work flexibility is hard to come by, leaving moms stressed and burned-out.

If your motherhood journey resembles Pandora’s box, you are my type of mom. I am a proud mom to two little boys; they have taught me a few lessons on what it means to persevere in motherhood: I have become an expert with food aversions, learning disabilities, speech disorders, anxiety, tantrums, and motor development. All of these factors make my mom-day-to-day extra special to juggle. On some days my words are a tad too colourful for some young ears…but that’s a story for another day.

Interestingly, in choosing to be authentic and open about my motherhood struggles and career path, I connected with other moms who shared a similar sentiment; Some of these moms  considered finding more flexible work or even leaving their jobs to start their mom businesses.  Some did leave, but others feared the financial impact it would have on their family. To some extent, our motherhood holds us hostage because of the structures that are in place which still limit our potential.

My hope for MPM is to blaze trails in motherhood by givig mothers a platform that empowers them financially and emotionally.

I am here telling you to boldly take that leap of faith.

XO MariannA

Marianna has a diploma in Social Services, where she has experience working with NGOs and Youth Protection. She currently teaches English as a second language in Quebec Primary schools while also running her Mom Marketplace. MariannA has written a chapter on her chaotic motherhood journey for the Great Canadian Publishing House called, She is free & Strong III. She also started a mom resource blog four years ago called Oohmotherhood, it will be incorporated into this marketplace’s blog space. When Marianna is not teaching, she is busy in the kitchen cooking a storm for her hubby, kids, and German Shepard Jax. You can follow her personal IG account @ooh_motherhood