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3 – Months of Advocacy Support


IEP Planning provides a solid foundation for advocacy, but the frustration of advocating for your child by navigating multiple specialists, teachers, and school admin can be exhausting.

Many families find it helpful to have on-going support as new information becomes available and new situations are encountered.

I’m here as a member of your child’s support team to act as an emotional support resource for you – and as an advocate for your child throughout the year.

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A series of four 1:1 meetings tailored to where you are in the process of working with IEPs for your child.

First, we set the foundation of IEP planning as per the IEP Planning service, above.

Three subsequent meetings:

1. Goal setting for your child’s academic year

2. Reviewing assessments, what they mean, who to share them with, and why

3. Assisting you in finding the resources, specialists, and agencies that support your child’s best


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