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The Growing by Design Method Tier 1


The Growing By Design Method Tier 1 (Inspired)

What you get:
A unique app designed with connection activities for you & your child & various mindful practices.
With short animated/ doodle videos that explains to both you & your child more about their unique design (includes Energy Type, Strategy, Authority, Profiles & centers).
Everything here is self-paced. Lifetime access.

This is for the mom who is ready to create a shift in her family’s life.
You are ready to learn more about Human Design & some intentional connection tools in order to start living by design to create an environment that each family member can thrive in!
You are ready & motivated to guide yourself through this work.

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Bedtime struggles, homework battles, no one seems to ever listen, non-compliance, attitude, morning battles, fighting, disrespectful, lying, anxiety, unmotivated… 

There is a lot that can make us feel as if we are failing as parents. 

What is it for you? 


Imagine if deep connection in the great moments & in the challenging ones was normal in your household. 

  • Imagine everyone was encouraged to fully express themselves.
  • Imagine recognizing when your child needed support & when it was time to let them be independent.
  • Imagine having reciprocity of care, respect & love. 

It becomes normal for you to look beyond your child’s behaviour & discover what unmet need needs to be addressed with love, support & connection. 

  • It becomes normal for you to respond instead of react. 
  • It becomes normal to collaboratively work with your child to solve a problem. 
  • It becomes normal to advocate & support your child in their unique needs. 
  • It becomes normal to take care of your needs & well being. 
  • It becomes normal to feel empowered. 
  • It becomes normal to feel like today was a dream come true. 
  • It becomes normal to be connected, patient & present with your child. 
  • It’s not what you thought it would look like, but it is perfect for you & your child. 

You are totally in the right place if… 

  • You love the idea of releasing power struggles, fear tactics and control but you don’t know what to replace it with.
  • You desire to stop focusing on your child’s behaviour & instead discover what unmet need within them needs to be addressed. 
  • You are tired of throwing spaghetti against the wall seeing which parenting strategy may or may not work for your child & you know there is a better way & you are ready to get very specific… 

You are probably 

  • Missing your child’s early behaviour signs & only catching it at the “red flag” level making it so frustrating for both of you. 
  • Taking care of everyone else but yourself…
  • Feeling helpless; like you try so damn hard and you don’t see how your child’s behaviour will ever change, no matter what you do. 
  • Wondering why parenting is so lonely & hard. 
  • Thinking you have to fix all of your child’s problems yourself 
  • Feeling like everything would shift if your child’s behaviour would just change… 

I used to feel all of this. 

Like parenting was so damn hard, why did one strategy work for one child & not the other? I wanted to be loving & patient but wondered why I unconsciously yelled so much… 

Then I became certified as a Conscious Parenting Coaching & things started falling into place, still there was a missing piece. Parenting drastically changed when I implemented Human Design to understand exactly WHO my child is. All of a sudden parenting her “her” way became almost effortless. The guess work was gone, I knew which strategies would work and wouldn’t work for her based on who she is. 

Challenges I had been experiencing for months and months were resolved almost instantly when I learnt WHO my child was (Human Design) & how to parent her “her” way (Conscious parenting). I then continue to do the inner child healing work which helps me restore my highest self. The more grounded, resilient, capable, loving, patient, compassionate me. 

Now, I want to guide you through this process. 

You are going to learn 

Human Design 

You will see exactly how your child is unique (get their “user manual”), understand why they behave the way they do, for example, Why you’re having morning struggles. 

Understand how they experience 

  • Stress

  • Competition

  • Anxiety

  • Emotions

  • Communication

  • Creativity

  • Learning

  • Pressure

  • fear & so on 

& how to best support them & create an environment for them to thrive in. 

This program has everything I wish I knew before becoming a mom & what I wish I would have discovered through one coach, many years ago. 

When you understand that parenting starts with you, you become empowered & your connection & love with your child becomes deeper than you ever thought possible. 


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