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Say Hello, to Rushka Lee Pedro

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Name: Rushka Lee Pedro

Your Country/ City: Cape Town, South Africa 

Your MPM Store name and link: Mothers Impact

IG social handle: @mothers-impact

Business Name: Minor Impact Pty Ltd

Business Bio

Mothers of Impact is about helping parents discover self-appreciation for the work they do inside and outside of parenting. We put together strategies to achieve the best way forward for yourself and your family, with love, understanding and acceptance. We get you prepared for marriage, we help you through the tough times of marriage and we assist you to navigate the court system and your emotional standing when going through this life adjustment.

How does your business help moms?: 

My business helps moms understand themselves better and rediscover self-love and gain self-appreciation and rebuild self-worth.

Who are you?

I am a proud single mom of two beautiful young ladies, based in Cape Town South Africa. I am a qualified Family Law Mediator, certified NAP (Neuro Agility Profile) Practitioner and Life Coach. I am also a writer and keynote speaker.  I follow a code that good communication is indispensable…

What past experiences shaped the skills you use in your business?

I went through 7 years in a Family Court battle, and because of this, I qualified as a Family Law Mediator to ensure that other mothers don’t have to go through what I had to. 

What encouraged you into the path of Mompreneur?

I understand first-hand the pain and frustration a single mother has to go through and I made it my mission in life to help where I can. To create change and encourage self-worth, we moms have to stick together! 

Who were you before you launched your own business?

I was a scared, anxious mother always on the defensive – working tirelessly to make sure my girls’ were ok and that they got everything that they needed. Working a normal 9 – 5 was so exhausting being a single mother until I found myself again. 

What excites you most about your work?

The fact is that I can communicate effectively to my clients to help them figure out what’s best for their individual situation at home without compromising their state of mental health. Relating to parents on the same level and actually listening – makes me happy. 

Why do you believe in supporting MPM’S mission? and why did you join?

It’s a platform made by my moms for moms – to ensure that they get what they need from the people who understand themselves the most. I joined MPM because It’s an amazing, useful, and easy-to-use platform created by moms for moms. I wanted to be part of a community that empowers moms to still do what they do but even better! To increase a mom economy that strives toward betterment for mothers the world over! 

What are some of your biggest challenges being a mompreneur and a mother?

Being pulled in 6 different directions at the same time – finding a healthy balance for my workload.  I always wondered about not making enough money to maintain a single-income household. And thankfully my daughters are very understanding of our situation and they support me every step of the way!

What is your one piece of advice for moms who want to start their own business?

Just do it! Make sure that you have sufficient time, energy and effort to grow your business. Ensure that you have a good support structure in place. Juggling is a part of it and you will have your good days, your bad days, broke days, and paid days – but just take it in your stride and roll with the punches. Creating a network is always better. e piece of advice for moms who want to start their own business?

What are some of your proudest moments or greatest achievements in your work?

My work with Parent24 – a local Parent resource platform where parents can go for help and ask questions. I was featured in a Podcast series as well as a few articles.  I have also been on a few radio stations as well – all around parenting and the legal process etc. 

How do you persevere through your challenges?

On heavy days, my love and passion for movies help me. I drown out the world and immerse myself in a good movie. It helps me to step out of my situation and to gain perspective with a fresh thought process and then get back to it. Your world is created from how you feel and what you do. If you need a moment to yourself to get it together – why not?

Some Final Thoughts

I would like to help MPMs grow in South Africa and to help moms find a way to just make it work… Life is hard enough being a mother and having to endure all the crap that goes along with it – we can create a community, a safe place where mothers can feel comforted and supported!

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