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Social Media Resources for Mompreneurs

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Social media is a LOT of work. Trust me, I would know! Starting or even managing a new business alone is already very demanding, and adding social media to the mix can be overwhelming.

The great thing about MPM is that we also have moms who provide resources to help you get started. If you are a mom who is comfortable with social media and you are looking for easy content planning, Buli, our business coach, has created the ultimate social media planner: it’s a bang for your buck.

Now, if you are very busy with your business and do not have the time or energy to plan your content, you can use the help of a social media management company. We have just the right mom for you, her name is Sasha, and she is the owner of Perfectly Assisted. Sasha is from South Africa, but she can work with anyone. Feel free to connect with her to learn more about her packages. So jump on it.

I hope these resources help you feel empowered in social media. Remember that it takes time and grit to grow your brand, but with the right people and services, you are already one step ahead.

Remember when you make a purchase, please use our hashtag #momspayingmoms because we love to showcase you and show support to our mom vendors.

Xo MariannA

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