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MPM Seller Protection Policy

Seller Protection Policy

MPM’s Seller Protection is to provide you a peace of mind. This policy is a part of our Terms of Use, To qualify for Seller Protection coverage, you agree to this policy and our Terms of Use.

  1. Seller Eligibility Requirements
  2. Order Eligibility Requirements
  3. Items and Transactions Not Eligible
  4. Seller Protection Benefits

1. Seller Eligibility Requirements

Eligible sellers who shop on MPM are automatically enrolled in Seller Protection — there is no application process. However, this is what you need to make sure about with your shop.

A. Keep your shop in good standing (that means you’re not violating any of MPM’S Policies and have no unresolved claims or claims made against you.

B. Fill out all of your Shop Policies (it’s especially important to have policies for returns, exchanges, and custom orders). Your Shop Policies have to comply with MPM’s policies, as well as your local laws.

C. Use accurate photographs and descriptions when you list items.

D. Include reasonable and accurate processing times or ship-by dates.

E. Cooperate with investigations conducted by MPM. Promptly provide any information requested by MPM, and cancel and refund any transactions deemed invalid or unauthorized by MPM.

2. Order Eligibility Requirements

Follow these steps to make sure your orders are covered by MPM’s Seller Protection:

A. Ship your order according to the processing time or ship-by date you listed or as agreed upon through MPM Store and Email Messages.

B. Ship the order to the address provided on MPM. If your buyer provides an alternate shipping address through Messages, be mindful of fraud or scams. You may choose to cancel and refund the order and ask the buyer to purchase the item again with the corrected shipping address.

C. Mark the order as shipped after you send it out.

D. Provide a valid tracking number on the order that shows the order route and delivery progress.

E. Use the MPM 3rd party payment platform (stripe or Paypal) to receive payment for the order. Any payments made oustide of those 2 third parties will automtaically cancel you out for seller protection.

3. Items and Transactions Not Eligible

While most items and transactions qualify for Seller Protection, there are a few exceptions:

A. Items sold in person.

B. Transactions processed outside of MPM Payments, for example, through standalone e-transfer or a personal check.

C.  Any order or transaction that is fulfilled by the seller despite notice from MPM that the order or transaction in question is invalid, fraudulent, or under investigation.

4. Seller Protection Benefits

If your shop and the order in question satisfy the eligibility requirements, MPM will not hold you financially responsible for Non-Delivery and Not as Described cases that result in a refund. If a chargeback is filed against you, MPM will work with you to investigate further. We may have to request additional information or assistance from you when a case requires further investigation, and we’ll need you to respond to our inquiries within 48 hours or the time frame noted by MPM in the case. If a chargeback is filed against you, we’ll need you to respond to any inquiries within 48 hours or the time frame indicated by MPM. If you don’t give us the necessary information in time, we may not be able to help resolve the dispute. Please keep in mind that we can’t guarantee a resolution in your favour.