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Because It Takes a Mom to Get a Mom.

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How MPM Helps

Do you know that still today, mothers pay a motherhood penalty? This penalty means that anytime a woman becomes a mom, she is either paid less, passed up for a promotion, or not even hired.

Additionally, moms remain the primary caretaker of their children with little support and flexibility from the workforce. We saw the worst of this situation when covid hit, and many moms left their jobs because they had few options for childcare.

Women who experience these challenges look for other opportunities. For some moms, that may mean a career change where moms create their businesses. In Canada alone, women-owned businesses has increased by 30% in the last 10 years.

But Moms, in particular, have challenges when launching a business. They tend to have more financial limitations, and if their network is small, they may also struggle finding support to sustain their business.

Moms Paying Moms is a digital platform that aims to build a mom economy for mothers across the globe. It is not only a place for moms to showcase their talents and abilities but also to create a mom community that supports all women, including women of colour, immigrants, 2SLGBTQ and women living with disabilities.

A Platform helping mom-led businesses make money to support their families



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